Artery forceps

Name: Artery forceps

Model: OH-SS032

*Medical stainless steel material *Straight with full-teeth *Size:12.5cm,14cm,16cm,18cm,20cm,22cm

Sponge forceps

Name: Sponge forceps

Model: OH-SS028

*Stainless steel material *Straight with or without slot *Size: 8*250mm,10*250mm,12*250mm

Needle holder

Name: Needle holder

Model: OH-SS007

*Medical use stainless steel *Size:12.5cm,14cm,16cm,18cm

Aluminum rollator

Name: Aluminum rollator

Model: OH-RC001

*Aluminum liquid coated frame,wine red *With 6" wheels *Easily folded for storage and travel

Aluminum folding walker with wheels

Name: Aluminum folding walker with wheels

Model: OH-WC018

*Lightweight aluminum frame *One button folding mechanism *Comes with 5'' castors

Euro-style forearm crutches

Name: Euro-style forearm crutches

Model: OH-GC016~019

*Lightweight and durable aluminum tube *Colors: Red,Green,Blue,Silver *Height adjustable

Shower chair with backrest and armrest

Name: Shower chair with backrest and armrest

Model: OH-BC018

*Shower chair with backrest and armrest *Height adjustable *Backrest installation optional

Deluxe Aluminum wheelchair

Name: Deluxe Aluminum wheelchair

Model: OH-AC008

*Height adjustable backrest *Dual axle height adjustable *Flip up armrest,swing away footrest

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