Tissue forceps

Name: Tissue forceps

Model: OH-SS034

*Medical use stainless steel material *Size:14cm,16cm,18cm *Applicable for clipping soft tissues

Suture scissors

Name: Suture scissors

Model: OH-SS038

*Stainless steel material *Size:14cm

Stainless steel tissue forceps

Name: Stainless steel tissue forceps

Model: OH-SS041

*Tissue forceps with teeth *Stainless steel material *Size: 12.5cm,14cm,16cm,18cm,20cm,25cm

Stainless steel dressing forceps

Name: Stainless steel dressing forceps

Model: OH-SS040

*Stainless steel material *Dressing forceps without teeth *Size: 12.5cm,14cm,16cm,18cm,20cm,25cm

Stainless steel tooth forceps

Name: Stainless steel tooth forceps

Model: OH-SS057

*Stainless steel material *Single curve with or without nail *Double curve with or without nail

Bandage scissors

Name: Bandage scissors

Model: OH-SS050

*Medical use stainless steel material *Different sizes available

Carbon steel bandage scissors

Name: Carbon steel bandage scissors

Model: OH-SS059

*Carbon steel material *Suitable for first aid kit *Length:15cm

Thyroidea tractor

Name: Thyroidea tractor

Model: OH-SS043

*Stainless steel material *Large Size(pair),Small Size(pair)

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