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Steel 3 in 1 commode

Name: Steel 3 in 1 commode

Model: OH-CC016

*3-in-1 functions *Steel powder coated frame *Height adjustable

Steel 3 in 1 commode chair

Name: Steel 3 in 1 commode chair

Model: OH-CC014

*Steel powder coated frame *Height adjustable *3-in-1 functions

Folding commode chair

Name: Folding commode chair

Model: OH-CC002A

*Aluminum frame *Easily folded *Height adjustable

Folding commode with backrest

Name: Folding commode with backrest

Model: OH-CC022

*Black powder coated steel frame *Easy to open and fold *Locking safety feature

Toilet safety frame

Name: Toilet safety frame

Model: OH-CC040

*Anodized aluminum frame *Width and height adjustable

Toilet Safety Frame

Name: Toilet Safety Frame

Model: OH-CC039

*Powder coated steel frame *Basket could load paper or magezine

Steel folding commode

Name: Steel folding commode

Model: OH-CC012

*3-in-1 structure *Easily folded *Height adjustable *White PE armrest and seat

Steel folding commode chair

Name: Steel folding commode chair

Model: OH-CC010

*Chromed Steel Frame *Folding and height adjustable *With 4 wheels

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