Aluminum rollator

Name: Aluminum rollator

Model: OH-RC006

*Aluminum Liquid coated frame *8" wheels *Detachable backrest

Aluminum rollator with footrest

Name: Aluminum rollator with footrest

Model: OH-RC005N

*Aluminum liquid coated frame *Both sides with handle *With folding footrest *8" wheels

Aluminum rollator walker

Name: Aluminum rollator walker

Model: OH-RC003

*Aluminum folding frame *5" wheels *Can be easily locked while pushing down the handles

Aluminum folding rollator

Name: Aluminum folding rollator

Model: OH-RC002

*Aluminum folding frame *Detachable backrest *8" wheels

Aluminum rollator

Name: Aluminum rollator

Model: OH-RC011

*Aluminum liquid coated frame *Easily folded *With 6" wheels,PVC soft seat *Optional shopping bag and basket

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